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Helping lost, broken people become passionate, devoted followers of Jesus Christ.


Supporter of Holiday Meals for the needy

Supporter of Legacy Pregnancy Center and its mission

Supporter of Wyoming Independent Living, aiding in meeting the needs of their consumers

Participates in the Parade of Lights in Ranchester with a church float

Involved in the local community's volunteer fire department



1. Trinity of God, three in one and one in three, and only one true and living God.

2. The infallible and plenary verbal inspiration of the scriptures.

3. The Biblical account of creation.

4. The personality of Satan.

5. The hereditary and total depravity of man in his natural state involves his fall in Adam.

6. The Virgin Birth and deity of Jesus Christ.

7. Christ’s blood atonement for fallen man.

8. His bodily resurrection and ascension back to His father.

9. The person and work of the Holy Spirit.

10. Justification before God by faith without any admixture of works.

11. Separation of God's children from the world.

12. Water baptism (by emersion) is to be administered to believers only by divine authority as given by the church.

13. Lord’s Supper is a church ordinance to be administered to baptized believers only in a scriptural church capacity.

14. The eternal security of believers.

15. The establishment of a visible church by Christ Himself during His personal ministry on earth.

16. Worldwide missions according to the great commission Christ gave His church Matthew 28:19,20.

17. The perpetuity of His church from the day of Christ's founding of the church during His personal ministry on earth until His Second Coming, eternally the bride of Christ.

18. The total autonomy and sovereignty of the local church in association with other churches.

19. The subjugation of committees, councils, associations, and conventions to the will of the churches so that they continually remain servants to the churches creating them.

20. Separation of the Lord’s church, in that the lord commands it from all so-called churches that advocate heresies.  This in no way prohibits speaking up against issues as the church may dictate but always avoiding endorsement or appearing to endorse by association with heretical groups.

21. The personal, bodily, and eminent return of Christ to the earth.

22. The bodily resurrection of the dead (first the righteous, then later the wicked.)

23.  The reality of heaven involves the Divine assurance of eternal happiness and joy for the redeemed of God.

24. The reality of Hell involves the everlasting punishment of the disbelief of Christ as Savior and Lord.

25. We believe in the absolute separation of the state from the church, i.e., The state cannot dictate to the church how to believe and practice, nor can they establish a religion of the state.


Salvation is solely by Grace through faith.


The scriptural order of repentance and Faith.

One must be born again to enter heaven to be forever with the Lord.

Heartfelt salvation that can be known.

Equality of local churches.

Churches (of like faith and order) may cooperate together without losing their sovereignty or independence.

The women are indispensable in the divine scheme of worship and service but not eligible for ordination as deacon/minister. 

The Gospel is the power of God into salvation to believers only.

True worship is in spirit and in truth.

All our teaching and preaching should be Christ-centered.

In living a separate life from the world.

The church is sovereign in all, subject only to its head, the Lord Jesus Christ.


In modernism nor any of its kindred liberalities.

In pulpit affiliation with heretical groups.

In alien emersion, neither in sprinkling nor pouring.

In the invisible universal church theory.

In a pastor dictatorship.

In deacon dictatorship.

In church dictatorship over another church or churches.

In a dictatorship (lordship) of any kind.

In the Big “I” little “you” nor showing respect to persons (one above another) sort of philosophy.

In the modern Ecumenical church movement.

In the brotherhood of God nor in the brotherhood of Men except in the sense of creation.

That the Gospel is merely a social formula.

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