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About us

TRBC began as a mission at Connor’s Battlefield Park by Calvary Baptist Church in Sheridan, WY, in 1977. In the fall, it moved into the rectory of the Catholic Church in Ranchester. The following location was in Jim Exley’s trailer. Shortly after, the church purchased a property with an old trailer on 2nd Avenue West. Carl Rice became pastor. Pastor Carl, Phylis, and three of their children, still living at home, stayed with the Logans. Due to the travel required by his employment, Pastor Rice resigned, and the church elected Pastor Robert Logan Sr. During these years, Howard Payne University sent three college students to hold a spring revival. In 1985 the church was constituted. (called a minister and his wife who did not pay their bills and left a bad reputation for the church - Pastor Robert Logan was elected again.) During this time, the church ministry focused on serving the children in the community. Local people from Dayton and Ranchester reached out to TRBC, and people traveling through came to TRBC to receive aid for utilities, food, and/or gas. A church from Wichita, Texas, assisted by sending money to the church for a benevolent fund. Another essential ministry, Pastor Logan, conducted funerals and weddings for the local people. One year he conducted over thirty funerals and weddings. His wife Carla fed the local children from dysfunctional families.

Over a decade later, in 1999, TRBC purchased the Ranchester Community Church building. A loan was taken from the convention and paid off within two payments with the sale of the previous property. In the year 2000, a group from Mississippi arrived to replace the roof, repair, paint the siding, and clean the inside of the church after sharing the church with Ranchester Community Church for six months before they completed the construction of their new building. During these years, Pastor Logan’s oldest son, Bobby Logan, ministered by teaching in Sunday school and feeding the local children from Dayton, Parkman, and Ranchester. The church also ministered through vacation bible school with the help of various church groups. There were also multiple summer missions. (Art Moss, his friend David Helms, and Green) After serving for several decades, Pastor Robert Logan began disciplining his son Granger Logan. Granger Logan was elected pastor in 2011.

Meet our pastor:
Granger JPG.jpg

I began studying under my father's leadership (a pastor for 33 years) for the Pastorate as an Associate pastor for 5 years. I attended seminary for 9 years, which resulted in 2 degrees. My background also includes ten years of working with youth, when God called a couple of other Godly men and myself to start a church. I held cowboy churches around Colorado at PRCA Rodeos as President of the Cowboys For Christ para-church ministry for 2 years and was a Sunday school director of a 250-member church for 6 years. This ultimately led to me becoming Tongue River Baptist's pastor for the last 12 years. 

Granger Logan
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